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New features in HireTrack NX

To keep HireTrack NX at the forefront of rental management software we are constantly monitoring how the production industry is changing and listening to our customers about how their businesses adapt. We regularly update our software to respond to these industry developments by adding new features and enhancements. This page is generated automatically from our development schedule, and as such publishes all the significant improvements to HireTrack NX since its release.

HireTrack NX version 3.1.254.x release scheduled 28 February 2018
Equipment List – Option to preserve line discounts that deviate from the global discount when setting new target price/discount [1,868]

NX now introduces this as a Rule that is then copied to the Equipment List header to give full control over how line discounts are affected by global discount changes.

Configuration Book – Email Templates. Make is possible to DELETE and RENAME templates. [2,180]

As well as introducing these improvements, the editing of Email Templates have other refinements to make the process more intuitive.

Equipment List Editor – Pricing dropdown needs a user confirmation to change because all the pricing on the list is affected [2,973]
Warehouse Activities – Add traffic light indicators to lower grid to make it easier to see the Prep progress of specific lists [3,124]
Operation Note – Option to show the text of Eqlist Notes by clicking on column header. Option should be “sticky” [3,227]
Sales Lists – Cost of sale fields added and populated for profitability statistics [3,233]


The above fields are only populated if new Rule RentalCostsAsMisc is turned off. In other words, both Rental and Sales costs will be written to Misc Costs if RentalCostsAsMisc is on; if RentalCostsAsMisc is off then both Rental costs (Prep and Usage cost) and Sales Costs are written to Eqlist.Costs and the three new Jobs costs fields.

Equipment List Editor – option to Ignore Late Returns to remove “shortages noise” [3,238]

If equipment is back but not checked in, the Late Returns component of the available checking algorithm can make a list going out TODAY look far worse than it is for shortages. Option to ignore Late Returns removes any contribution officially overdue kit is making to availability.

Availability GANTT chart. Add option to force Late Returns entries to appear towards the bottom of the chart [3,239]

It can be tedious to scroll past loads of these to get to lists that are coming up.

Global Returns – Option for “Single Stage Only” procecessing [3,241]

When this option is checked a barcode will only be Returned, not Returned and Checked In. This allows system to know that it’s back via a fast “scan of the truck”, and a proper Check In can take place later.

Repair Module – barcode scanning support introduced to find and create repairs [3,242]
Late Returns – Return All. Skip Barcoded checked by default and confirmation feedback for including scanned items. [3,248]

Helps to prevent user unwittingly returning stock that should be properly checked with a scan.

Prep Subhires and Loans: Flexible Roadcasing option displays non subhired/loaned roadcases and allows roadcase additioni [3,250]

With “Flexible Roadcasing” turned on Prep Subhires and Loans will see roadcase types that have been booked on a list without the need to subhire or loan them. Moreover, any scanned and “auto-added” roadcases will appear too. This allows subhires to be allocated to in-house roadcases.

Prep Notes – Case Code drop down combo boxes also list case IDs that have been assigned to other Prep Notes for a list [3,251]

Thus making it easier for a subhire to be put into a roadcase that had processed on a Prep Local note. All roadcases on an equipment list are available to be selected.

Equipment List Security – two new options to control who can edit Price Locking [3,257]

“Price Lock My Jobs Only” – users can only edit if they created the job
“Price Lock Any Job” – users can edit any job

If neither options are selected then no editing at all is possible.

Database lookups maintenance – improved performance by factor of five [3,252]

Will be particularly noticible when bulk updates on “register tables” like Hetype.nx1, Company.nx1 etc.

Job and Global Loans – requirement to be able to loan Consumables, particularly when some Rental equipment supplied with them [3,254]
Inventory Book – Barcodes page. Display the last stock check “seen” date with user that did scan [3,260]
Inventory Book – Barcodes page. Move details to right hand panel and display barcodes in simple grid on the left [3,261]

Makes it easier to scroll through multiple barcodes

Inventory Book – Keep Items page and Types page in sync on equipment type if Items page has no filters or just a Type filter [3,263]

So when going to the Items page, if there is no filter set or there is an active Equipment Type, set the filter to be the same as the current type on the Types page; similarly, if the Type filter is active on the Items page, then keep the Types page in sync

Inventory Book – Keep “Manage Barcodes” tab in sync with Equipment Type filter on the “Barcodes List” tab [3,264]

If filtering by a type then going to “Manage Barcodes” already selects this type.

Equipment List – warehouse menu options moved to “Quick Warehouse” main menu to make functionality more obvious to users [3,277]
Job and Global Subhires – Extend “Quick Warehouse” operations to include subhires [3,278]
Equipment List editor – security option to hide pricing information from users [3,279]

‘Display Equipment List Pricing’ option added to User security. If turned off, not only is all pricing information turned, but operations that can affect pricing like changing dates are turned off.

This option designed to facilitate the new “Quick” warehousing options introduced in release 3.1.240.x

Emailing – Incoming emails now tracked by HireTrack and automatically matched to email addresses and outgoing emails. [3,280]

Makes HireTrack NX a one stop shop for managing all correspondence about a job.

Help and Support are – option to upload data to support from the System Info page [3,283]

More convenient and less technically demanding than doing this task from the server. Also gets around problem of the file server desktop not being available to many users.

Warehouse Book – New “Quick Operations” page added, giving simplified view of equipment list a customizable search form [3,286]

Levering the power of the in built generic “search form”, numerous “views” of equipment lists that need processing can be displayed. Users can then quickly open a list and use the new “Quick Warehouse” menu to process various operations.

Warehouse Book – extra “Overdue” tab added to Activities area (now renamed as Advanced Operations) [3,287]

Warehouse Activities (renamed as “Advanced Operations”) now has three tabs: Pending, Overlooked, Overdue. The new “Overdue” gives an advance access to ALL late returns, rather than those up to just 7 days late on the Pending tab (needed for optimum performance)

Equipment List – New grid added to header displaying the progress of warehouse operations and all the warehouse operation notes [3,288]

Gives better oversight over what has been done for warehousing operations, particularly for users wanting to use the new “Quick Warehousing” facilities.

Reporting – Re-introduction of quick outputs to file for email, clipboard and export facilities from the print preview [3,304]
Equipment List Editor – Unit Price column. Add button to give use the option to reset the Unit Price to the default for type [3,305]

Allows user to get back to the default daily price, which is particularly useful when you need to charge for a Warehouse Added item.

Configuration Book – Email Templates. Option needed to ensure that all new users automatically have access to a template [3,306]

“All Users” vs “Selected Users” added to the “Select Permitted Users…” drop down.

Equipment List Editor – add Subhires Summary popup editor for the list [3,315]

Displays all the subhires for the list, including Type Description and a hot link directly to the subhire.

Equipment List – hyperlink on subhires summary for line or list to quickly open or focus the subhire in of interest [3,316]

Allows for quicker navigation in the program.

Subhire Editor – allocation window to have hyperlink to quickly open or focus the Equipment Lists in of interest [3,317]

Allows for quicker navigation in the program.

Stock Check – Summary Page. Barcodes list to show “In Repair” for Last Seen if item has been “seen” while in repair bay [3,319]

Helps user to understand why a stock checked item is still not on the shelf.

Sage UK 50 Accounts Integration. New “system” QBEs installed, along with a new version of the Sage Connection DLL [3,324]
Returns and Check Ins – expose the Sections filter [3,325]

Helps users work on specific areas of a return.

Operations Note – make Composite masters and Priced Aliases more salient by displaying in bold and with deeper colour indicator [3,332]

Master lines are now displayed in bold and with a darker indicator colour.

Operations Note – Introduce a “Select” column so that users can process a specific batch of items in a single go [3,333]

As an alternative to entering the Quantity against each line processed (e.g Prepped), users can use the selected column to specify which lines have been completely processed. A “Process Selected” button then operates on those lines.

MagicKeys – prevent user from “un-highlighting” the data in supported controls by single clicking in the editor to set a cursor [3,334]

If the user does this then “listening” apps cannot retrieve data from the control.

Stock Check – if a stock check is active then when “On Job” items are Returned create a “seen” stock check record [3,335]

Although items on jobs are accounted for ins the Stock Check figures, when these are returned users are obliged to add these to the Stock Check in order to be considered seen. Automating this process saves time and removes the possibility of omission errors.

Inventory ROI Page – Excel export to include Site name in the file name [3,338]

Exported data is now easier to reference.

Equipment List – Movement grid, Barcodes popup form. Display the user that scanned the barcode [3,339]
Prep Subhires & Loans – warnings and prompt that block Prepping if previous stages not complete are replaced by Pre-Prep Wizard [3,343]

Shortcut that allows users to “backfill” all Subhires Arrived/Available and Loans Received via a handy Wizard popup form that now appears instead of a warning.

Crew and Transport – option to toggle all the “Inc Quote” checkboxes on and off for a Header by clicking column header [3,344]

Offers a quick way to “no quote” for all your Crew or Transport.

Inventory Book – ROI tab. Daily Usage graph added [3,346]

The inventory book now displays a graph showing daily rental and subhires usage for the “Get Usage By Day” function.

Warehouse Operations – critical issues when processing multiple barcodes no long block the processing of “good scans” [3,348]

Allows the good scans to just go through so that problems can be looked at later.

Late Returns – Add user security to the “Process All” feature [3,349]

Control who is allowed to perform this action.

Login Screen. Make form movable by dragging on border. [3,353]
Inventory Book – some lower areas of the Types page form are unavailable if a monitor resolution is 1050 or lower [3,361]
QBE Module – add facility to publish QBEs to the File menu of all forms, allowing user to run them without going to QBE Book [3,363]

Assigning a “Form” to an QBE and a Reporting Group (if user security is needed) will allow users to run the QBE and get results from that form, with a simple grid interface displaying the data.

Popstock – set the Smart Search box as the active control with blinking cursor in it so users can start typing straight away [3,368]
Address Book – full security added to all sub tabs in order to help users implement the requirements of GDPR [3,382]

Addresses some of the issues raised forthcoming EU GDPR regulations

HireTrack NX version released on 9 October 2017
Grids in general filter forms (i.e Jobs, Projects & CRM) can be coloured by data values [3,150]
Colour Helper added to the QBE editor [3,151]
Inventory Book – Items Page. Documents sub tab added so that files like LOLER certificates can be stored for items [3,155]

HireTrack NX version 3.1.253.x released on 27 September 2017
Emailing and Exporting Reports – now much faster as report no longer needs to generate data and pagination in the background [3,119]

HireTrack NX version released on 7 September 2017
Carnet Ops Note > ‘Pick Items’ to display different value when no items exist [3,108]

HireTrack NX version 3.1.252.x released on 5 September 2017
Email Message-ID is now generated by HireTrack NX and recorded in EmailSentLog table [3,106]

HireTrack NX version released on 1 September 2017
Carnet, Prep & Return Notes – scanning a barcode should use the selected record in grid if it matches the item’s Equipment Type [2,942]

Give user complete control over which line is going to be processed and is particularly useful when list contains types that are stand alone and part of composites. If selected line does not match barcode type then normal allocation code will kick in.

Logistics Book | Planning – Zig-Zag for Type should show Item reservations and carnet assignments [3,059]

HireTrack NX version 3.1.251.x released on 27 July 2017
Popstock Editor – Extra sub tab to show Additional Info, e.g. User Info, weights and dimensions etc [2,033]
Logistics availability: Add ‘Simple Mode’ giving Red/Green for Short/Not short status of equipment [2,654]
Sales- Fully featured sales facility that runs in parallel with rentals in the Job, Warehouse & Inventory Books [2,739]

Long awaited enhancement builds upon existing frameworks and user interfaces, creating a seamlessly powerful extension to HireTrack’s business tools

Prep Notes – Auto Split Case option introduced, allowing user to split and close all lines allocated to the active case number [2,851]

New button in the “Current Case” header control implements this functionality.

Error Reporting Diagnostics form. Option added to allow users NOT to include a screenshot of their desktops [2,876]

Although screenshots at the time of error are very useful in providing an insight into what a user was doing, this can compromise confidentiality, particularly in a multi-screen environment

Subhire Wizard – “Default supplier” used for Types if assigned [2,904]
Subhire Wizard – Supplier per type subhired in added, allowing multiple subhires to be created in one go [2,988]
Warehouse Book – Global Returns. Options to open Operations Note or Equipment List from hyperlinks on these columns [2,935]

Once users have scanned in items and created Returns and CheckIn Notes, they can now open these from the lower grid by simply clicking in the Reference column. Same for the Equipment / Sales List

Equipment Usage figures – add “Job Types To Ignore” options to the user prompt for the Usage Report [2,939]
Warehouse Book – Global Dispatch module introduced, allowing dispatches of multiple linked jobs via a simple user interface [2,943]
Inventory Book – add interface to display usage / ROI details so that a report doesn’t need to be run for this information [2,947]

Usage parameters, such as (smart, e.g. “Year to Date”) date range, statuses etc are be stored, per user, so that the user doesn’t have to keep selecting these (or even be prompted for them) when returning to this page.

Day by Day usage available as a drill down, exportable to Excel

Job Types to Exclude option added so that figures not distorted by internal or special jobs.

Job Book Security – add option to only allow specific users to Confirm Jobs [2,952]
Operations Notes – add security feature to control who is allowed to do “Process All” [2,953]
Prep Note – Remaining column pops up list of available barcodes and their locations [2,975]
Inventory Book – Warehouse location (e.g rack or bay) support added for Items (Barcodes) [2,958]

when creating a new barcode this will default to the default location for the type

this information is also displayed in the new popup for the Remaining column in the Ops Notes, and in the Reserved Barcode popup.

Repairs Module – Rule added to Config Book that set the default period for a repair [2,959]
Warehouse Book – improve loading performance and usability by only retrieving late returns due back in the last week [2,966]
Keyboard/Wedge scanners – introduce a “control code” detection so the supporting forms give auto-focus to barcode editor [2,967]

Unlike COM port scanners, USB scanners that can only emulate a keyboard often create problems for users as before scanning the barcode editor on a particular HireTrack form has to have the focus. By checking for a control character, such as Ctrl + B, HireTrack NX can now automatically focus the barcodeeditor and get it ready for accepting the remainder of the scanned barcode.

Warehouse Book – Late Returns page. Add facility to bulk return all records in the grid. [2,981]

For customers who have allowed the late returns to get out of control. The facility is security protected.

Warehouse Book – Activities Page – introduce Job Title column when in Eqlists View [2,982]
Inventory Book – Price Changer facility introduces, with embedded spreadsheet interface. [2,987]

Sell and Buy rate cards can be quickly updated via a powerful inbuilt spreadsheet interface. Data can be saved to Excel file and re-imported if required.

Subhires – can now have default “day rate” for stock, or day rates for specific suppliers [2,989]

Inventory Book now has Default Subhire Rate and Price Schemes assigned to equipment types. On the Extra Price Schemes configuration page you can now define “Acquisition” schemes that apply to Subhires and Sales Orders and these schemes can be linked to Suppliers in the Accounts Book. A Subhire or Sales Order will use supplier specific schemes if assigned.

HireTrack NX version released on 19 April 2017
Job Book – Misc Costs. For automated costs, which are normally read only, make the Inc Quote column editatble [2,866]

Users that have custom triggers to generate additional costs that normally need to appear on Quotes may have reason to turn the Inc Quote setting off

HireTrack NX version released on 18 April 2017
Prep Notes – “Strict Location Scanning” option introduced to give control over whether barcodes in wrong location can be scanned [2,859]

Allows users to turn off a check that was added in .250 where if a barcode that was supposed to LIVE (it’s “home location”, not “last scanned location”) at Warehouse A and was in fact being scanned on a Job for Warehouse B (even though it had not got there through a loan) would not be allowed through until a properly warehouse transfer had been performed.

HireTrack NX version 3.1.250.x released on 11 April 2017
Equipment List Editor – Display scanned barcodes on the Ops Note popup form for Movements columns [2,810]
Reporting – allow multi-purpose forms, such as the equipment list editor to have their own menus (e.g. subhire reports) [1,904]

We now have the page number set for the report match the equipment list type:

TWarehouseActivity = (waHire, waJobSubhire, waGlobalSubhire, waJobTransfer, waGlobalTransfer, waVirtualWarehouseBuild);

Repairs Book – Availability column added to display the impact of booking to an item repair on jobs [2,689]
Warehouse: Preps, Subhires In, Loans In, return of hires, subhires, loans – all have options to Process All for next ops stage [2,690]
Warehouse – Barcode Scan Sounds. A configurable sound will now play for different scan outcomes [2,691]
Warehouse – Returns. Rule added to prompt user with sound or message (or both) if a scanned barcode is loaned to a Job [2,694]
Warehouse – General Returns. Rule added to “park” problems with scans rather than prompt user each time there is an issue [2,695]
Returns Notes – Column added to display the number of barcodes “pending” per line. Popup allows user to pick them for return [2,696]
Late Returns Page – Barcodes column added to allow user to see which specific items are not back yet [2,697]
Translation Module – a powerful, fully featured language facility that provides screen translations on a per user basis [2,720]

This new module allows the end user to translate HireTrack NX in to any language of their choice (though only Earth based languages, so no Klingon).
Please see this article.

Testing Module – Support added importing from a “SimplyPats” generated tests results CSV file [2,733]
Equipment List Editor – options to “Raise/Open” a default Prep and Returns Notes added for one stop warehouse operations [2,738]
Warehouse Activities – Add “Warehouse Task” filters so that user can have a Subhires Only view, or Loans Only [2,759]
Warehouse Activities – Search for Job by “Purchase Order” added so a Subhire/Sales Order can be found from arrivals paperwork [2,764]
Config Book – General Details. Additional “Terms” fields added that use a Rich Editor to save formatted text [2,792]
Reporting Engine – version 18 of Report Builder now implemented.’s_New/RB_18 [2,793]
Reporting – Text parameter prompts allow users to (rich) edit content before report goes to preview [2,794]

In other word, users can edit boiler plate text in the report or add their own comments. Editor is a new powerful Rich Editor for HireTrack NX

Planner – Display Scale options improved with greater control over the visual width of each day [2,797]
Crew – Allocations window now groups together at the top the crew that match the “skill” requested for the booking [2,802]
Job Book / Planner – Crew & Transport allocations popup now has “smart search” abilities in the “Scroll to..” control [2,806]
Address Book – Venue form. Documents tab added so that extra information can be stored against a venue [2,820]
Testing Module – Results page need filter to only include “In Commission” barcodes [2,825]
Emailing – Report data tags. It is now possible for reports to pass data to custom “tags” in Email templates [2,840]

HireTrack NX version released on 28 November 2016
Dashboard enhanced to support internal parameters [2,667]

HireTrack NX version 3.1.249.x released on 14 November 2016
Ability to run on Apple Mac computers via Codeweaver [2,624]

For further information and instructions on how to run on a Mac, please see this knowledgebase article.

Warehouse Book – Job Search by Job Ref / Title now shows job loans supplying / being supplied [2,534]

When you search for a job in the warehouse book and all related jobs / subhires are returned including loans

Warehouses – the user logged in warehouse now used rather than the Default Warehouse for some operations [2,593]

e.g. creating a new eqlist, warehouse for warehouse activities

Accounts Book – Invoices and POs. Add option to only print records that have the Selected column ticked [2,606]
Scanning – support added for the bi-directional communication facilities in Datalogic Powerscan readers [2,607]
HTML Editor within email functionality enhanced with new facilities. [2,619]
New Dashboard facility to display real time management information. [2,620]
Report Designer has seen a major version update (v17 from v16), with 25 new features added [2,621]

HireTrack NX version released on 19 July 2016
Carnet and Reserved Barcodes now fully supported [282]
Reporting – Usage reporting to have options to slect lists in or partially in date range. [2,506]
Crew And Transport Pages – add faclity to quickly collapse and expand the header grids [2,515]

HireTrack NX version released on 19 May 2016
Prep Note – added Rule to set the AutoRoadCase method so that scanning a roadcase uses the Barcode for the Case Code [2,404]

means that users can then Scan the barcode on the Del Note and if “Allow Case Code Scans” is on then this will scan out all barcodes associated with the roadcase.

Prep Notes – Undoing a roadcase scan or setting a roadcase to 0 other lines using the CaseID clears the case code. [2,413]
Logistics Book – Additional Filter added so that types with “Optional” and “Never” visibility can be excluded [2,429]
Prep Note – Display Read Only equipment list notes. [2,437]
Warehouse Activities – Options to Collapse All / Expand All upper and lower grids [2,438]
Warehouse Activities – get upper and lower grid remember their state when switching to fro from Ops Notes and Refreshing [2,439]
StockCheck Module is now able to export the data on the Summary Page to Excel [2,446]

Right clicking on one of the summary grids will display a menu allowing the user to export the data in to Excel.
Further information on the Stock Take functionality can be found here

Sage integration updated to support passing invoice numbers to Sage [2,449]
Sage integration updated to support Sage project numbers [2,450]
Reporting – filtered Jobs report needed for Accounts Book that gives breakdown of invoices and POs raised [2,453]

HireTrack NX version released on 1 April 2016
Planner – Status Filters need checklist box (sticky) to give users more control over what they want to see [2,366]

HireTrack NX version released on 22 March 2016
Reporting – custom export file name extensions can now use an escape character [2,354]
Availability Checking performance – researching performance issues revealed even more scope for improving data retrieval times [2,357]

HireTrack NX version released on 16 March 2016
User Security & Features. READ ONLY & EDIT ONLY options now functional in Inventory and Address Books [281]
Barcodes – changing from Floating to Owned should be possible [1,581]
Venue Commissions – rates (percentages) can now be set to two decimal places [2,288]
Rules – Equipment List Editor. Introduce a Max Discount field for FreeText entries [2,292]
Availability Checking now including “custom Provisional statuses” [2,310]
Config Book – Rules Page. Prep and Usage costs for equipment is now configurable to : OFF, On using Period, On using Hiredays [2,332]
Global Subhires, Loans and Virtual Warehouse Lists – nowable to book consumables in addition to rental items [2,335]
Addresses – “Quick Add/Edit” form for Companies and People. Add facility to set custom filters [2,341]

HireTrack NX version released on 20 January 2016
Reporting – exporting to text file added an option to exclude wrapping data with spaces in the text in double quotes [2,150]
Warehouse Book – Stock Check facility introduced that offers a comprehensive way managing inventory audits [2,222]

HireTrack NX version released on 25 November 2015
Job Bk > Finance Tab > Added Status filter. [1,959]
Accounts Book – added a column for Invoiced Status, to avoid having to set a filter to get this information [2,126]
Warehouse Activities – Added Refresh button F5 keyboard shortcut [2,139]

HireTrack NX version released on 17 November 2015
Warehouse Activities – option for upper gird to display data from Equipment lists rather than jobs when in “Period View” [2,037]
Job Book – Finances tab. Added editor that allows users to control what job statuses are included on income and expeniture tabs [2,039]
Subhire Wizard. A facility to enable users to quickly raise subhires from the Logistics Book or an opened Equipment list [2,049]
Inventory Book – Audit & Movements pages added options for Admins to create correction records [2,101]

HireTrack NX version released on 9 September 2015
Inventor Book, Types> ‘Jobs’ page. Now Shows completed & future as well as active jobs and improve performance of this function [1,999]

HireTrack NX version released on 27 July 2015
Venue Commission – functionality implemented that allows applies a commission rate as a negative “Invoice On” cost on the Job [1,901]

Rule based: OFF, Manually Applied, Automatically Applied

If Manually Applied then button appears on Misc Costs page create/update record.

If Automatically applied then record is created/updated when printing a Quote All, visiting the Misc Costs Page or visiting the Finances page. The latter ensures that its there before invoicing.

Rates for commission set in Accounts Book and there is a rate for each cost centre. If all rates are 0 then the whole thing is ignored on the job.

Job Finances Page – add grand (job) total footer row to Income & Expenditure tabs. [1,919]
Reporting – autosearch prompts that use datetime controls should be of same type as used throughout the rest of HireTrack NX [1,920]
Reporting – autosearch prompts boolean values should use drop down combo with TRUE/FALSE options rather than text entry [1,921]

HireTrack NX version released on 14 July 2015
Accounts Book – bring up to date so that its controls and functionality is in keeping with rest of HireTrack NX [1,875]
Config Book – Kit Import. Exporting equipment should have an option to include stocklevels [1,878]

HireTrack NX version released on 18 June 2015
Email – add BCC option [1,501]
Gantt Chart for availability – when opened from Eqlist should start on the same day that the availability for the list starts [1,838]

HireTrack NX version released on 9 June 2015
Equipment List – add popup to the four “movement” columns to display / open the operation notes for the current line [1,834]
Operations Notes – make it possible to quickly clear all scans and quantities for note or for current line [1,835]
Operations Notes – display the Job Reference field so that its easier to ID what job the note if for. [1,836]
Warehouse Activities. Allow jobs to be searched for by Equipment List or Operations Note as well as Job Ref / Title [1,837]

HireTrack NX version released on 1 June 2015
Invoices & POs – if these documents are appended to while open then when activated they should auto refresh [1,779]
Availability – Gantt chart. Should indicate Qty back early so that availability figures more obviously square with chart figures [1,804]

HireTrack NX version released on 28 April 2015
Inventory Book – add Active Jobs page to display all current jobs for the selected equipment type [1,757]
Job Book – implement option NOT to invoice a job to complete all the Invoice filtering options in the Accounts Book [1,762]
Equipment List – Maker it obvious that availability checking is turned OFF if the end date for list is before NOW [1,766]
Testing Module – allow “test results” to be imported directly from a CSV file [1,769]

HireTrack NX version released on 20 April 2015
Invoices and Purchase Orders – mechanism to allow user to open the originating cost center record for any document line [1,734]

HireTrack NX version released on 14 April 2015
Planner – Crew & Transport Page. Make it possible to open Job for here and land on correct page [1,704]
Planner – Crew & Transport Page. Display customer name and delivery address on right hand panel [1,705]
Accounts Book – Now has a more sophisticated filter for monitoring the Invoiced state of jobs [1,711]
Report Designer – add function that allows the printing of the current logged in user’s name [1,714]
Repair Book – add a function (CleanFileName) that removes illegal characters from filenames created from data [1,715]
Job Book – Crew Tab – The allocations (equipment list, Crew) & Notes Windows now resizable for low res monitor/laptops [1,719]

HireTrack NX version released on 12 March 2015
Enhancement – Equipment list to support Auto rename for emails [1,629]
Inventory Book – Audit Trail. Allow users to edit Unit Price and Date so that input mistakes can be corrected [1,639]
Inventory Book – allow the Barcode Type (e.g. floating) to be changed [1,645]
Enhancement – Filter Items page in Inventory book by consignment owner. [1,647]
Command Line Switches – “DatabaseTimeOut’ and ‘ReportingTimeOut’ to allow complex reports without affecting Db performance [1,649]
Database actions that cannot complete due to legitimate record locking or signals Now auto cancel before showing feedback [1,652]

HireTrack NX version released on 11 February 2015
Reports that retrieve data using custom SQL can now have their parameter based search criteria set via HireTrack [1,567]
HireBook Now support filtered printing of reports that work with the Repair Book [1,593]

HireTrack NX version released on 27 January 2015
Parameters are now possible in complex QBE’s [1,464]
POs and Invoices – add functionality that appends reference to emailed file names [1,490]
Sage Accounts Integration – direct Invoices Export and Customer Account History now supported [1,526]
Anti-Fraud Module – now has Rule that controls if one or both anti fraud checks need to fail before an OVERALL FAIL [1,527]
Warehouse Book – Activities page. For Jobs Loans show the Job Title in the Additional Information column [1,528]

HireTrack NX version released on 23 December 2014
Cannot copy the main contact email address into the email form [1,164]
Cannot copy the Job Reference, Job Title or Job Dates into Subject Line of Email form. [1,165]
Print Preview – make it possible to copy selected text to the Windows clipboard [1,433]
Transport Book – assigned equipment lists now show their Total Weight value [1,443]
Inventory – make it possible to work out the income generated by barcodes scanned out as part of Priced Aliases [1,451]
Day View – introduce an auto-refresh option with user defined interval so that warehouse staff can be kept up to date [1,452]

HireTrack NX version released on 13 November 2014
Inventory Book – make it possible to change the order of Priced Alias components so that they are appropriate for paperwork [1,312]
Popstock – When expanding an Alias or Composite the appropriate sub tab should automatically be selected [1,343]
Inventory Book – Stock IN/OUT and Manage Barcode input forms should display Type and Barcode quantities [1,373]

HireTrack NX version released on 15 October 2014
Job Book grids – please add summary columns on grids that display financial data (eqlists, crew, transport, finances) [1,307]

HireTrack NX version released on 9 October 2014
Accounts Book – accounts export reports should prompt user to confirm setting exported docs as “Posted”` [1,259]
Job Book, Crew Page, Allocation Grid – checkbox columns should be toggled (select all / clear all) by title click [1,262]
Report Builder – introduce a “prompt” user interface that uses unbindable parameters in the report to generate input options [1,287]

HireTrack NX version released on 17 September 2014
Crew Types – description length extended from 20 to 50 characters [1,243]

HireTrack NX version released on 3 September 2014
Job Book – refresh button in top right corner of page control would be useful to update the current page being viewed [1,187]
Report Designer RAP passthru called ShowSectionFooters() allows eqlist reports to reflect the grid visibility of section footers [1,188]

HireTrack NX version released on 3 August 2014
Warehouse Book – Activities page. Customer name added to “Additional Information” column [1,143]
Warehouse Book – Late Returns page. Make it possible to open Job from any listed type. [1,144]

HireTrack NX version released on 30 July 2014
Inventory Book – Depreciation schemes need to cope with residual values, and percentage per year deprecations [1,138]
Job Book and Note Book implement “Main Venue” fields. Job Book also displays contacts for that venue. [1,140]

HireTrack NX version released on 17 July 2014
Returns Notes – feedback for scans that were not dispatched for current list on should display the actual list they are on [1,087]

HireTrack NX version released on 7 July 2014
Equipment List Editor – Add an additional Notes field for private information so that other notes can be for Client [1,083]

HireTrack NX version released on 15 June 2014
Ctrl + D should paste current date and time into any active control on a form [1,044]

HireTrack NX version released on 10 June 2014
Resource Allocator (Crew/Transport) – “scroll to..” search control added to make it quicker to find people/vehicles to allocate [1,040]

HireTrack NX version released on 23 May 2014
Reports – Print Preview. Save the user’s preferred viewing settings (pagination and page size) [1,001]

HireTrack NX version released on 16 May 2014
Report Designer – RAP pass-thru added that allows the drawing of a line in a Details band if it is the last one on a page [997]

HireTrack NX version released on 8 May 2014
Exporting full report set no longer restricted to Admin [700]
Reminders popup takes a long time to redraw when using Terminal Server. [813]
Reporting – add Watermark to all printed reports for customers in Trial Mode [876]
Improvements to Import experience [957]
Crew Purchase orders – need to be able to select different people at once and either PO individually or to a single company [978]

HireTrack NX version released on 24 April 2014
Items | Manage Barcodes needs to show type stock level. [712]

HireTrack NX version released on 24 April 2014
Application and Installer need to be signed [905]

HireTrack NX version released on 11 April 2014
Logistics Book – searching for Types should use smart search facility for consistency and ease of use [537]

HireTrack NX version released on 31 March 2014
Error Handling – Add option to Help & Support page to allow “handled” (user friendly) errors to reveal full error log reports [807]
Config Book – Importing Inventory. Improve error checking with Sites and Warehouse definitions as entered on import sheet [809]
Inventory Book – “Power” field added to Types page [855]
Job Book – Autoupgrade all lists and set the job tax so that the Quote report totals are correct without editing anything [863]

HireTrack NX version released on 19 March 2014
Subhires – allow allocations to equipment lists that are only Provisional. [797]

HireTrack NX version released on 4 March 2014
Operations Notes – Process All ignores orphaned composite components. Shouldn’t be any there worth adding for catch-all safety [734]
Undissmissed diary event reminder in the past are not displayed [743]
Link added to manually “popup” diary reminders [745]
Config Book – Database Lookups. Account Statuses setup needs a column to allow user to specify their own colours [748]

HireTrack NX version released on 13 February 2014
Password emails now sent from admin account. [697]
Alias selection dialog indicates if Aliases of the wrong version have been found. [701]

HireTrack NX version released on 3 February 2014
Report Designer. Saving a report with a new name needs to populate the new record with the custom fields from the source record [658]

HireTrack NX version released on 29 January 2014
Increase user password security [325]
Login screen – Warn user if their email deatails are not completely setup. [426]
Login Screen – No verification when setting system password [469]
Job Tax Address – changing this should propagate tax amount changes to all four cost centre records on job. [506]
NLS error reworded to be more user friendly [551]

Please prioritise before release

Job Book – Costs page. Purchase Orders raised should be displayed in popup in Actual Price field [588]

See original job costing balsamiq to verify nothing else missing.

Report categories [590]
Purchase Orders for Crew and Transport. Should be able to open them from the popup subform that lists them against record. [595]
HireTrack NX has been run through a memory profiler to check for leaks prior to release and anything found has been fixed. [626]

HireTrack NX version released on 17 January 2014
Change default search Wildcard dropdown option to Both [575]
Error reporting – new user-friendly interface has been devised with extra options for sending diagnostics to support [584]
Popstock – Double click in Reminders Qty column should set field to suggested Qty [587]

HireTrack NX version released on 6 January 2014

HireTrack NX version released on 20 December 2013
Config Book – Importing Inventory and Addresses and contacts from a CSV [280]
Help & Support page : Additional settings published to assist ftp connectivity diagnostics [548]

HireTrack NX version released on 29 November 2013
Equipment List – editing null dates popups up a calender that starts today, rather than the earliest logical date [473]
Data intensive processing – catch “time out” errors and suggest to user to try again with explanation [481]
Invoices/Orders – credit notes need to display and link to the original document being credited. [486]
Invoices/Orders – add popup menu button to Credited total box that will display all credits notes raised and allow opening [487]
Subhires – Enable setup, show and derig dates so that they can be used for additional info for suppliers [491]
Logistics – Late Returns. Actioning a Return/Checkin now provides use with option to re-use more recent notes [497]
Logistics – Late Returns. Actioning a Return/CheckIn now opens BOTH notes so that user can continue to process remainder [498]
Main Form tabs – consolidate and re-label tabs and add more launch buttons for improved usability [499]
User Security and Features – tweak slightly to cope with main form book launch changed. [503]

HireTrack NX version released on 15 November 2013
Logistics – Late Returns. Allow users to return equipment from “Action” column [475]
Late Returns Page – improve grid load speed if large number of overdue items [476]
Logistics – Planning Page. Add filtering to remove kits and sales types from view [477]

HireTrack NX version released on 12 November 2013
Equipment Book – Editing type Description requires double-click of F2 to activate editing. Prevents accidental overwrite. [321]
Project Book – Clone Job function required [439]
Late Returns – replace the mechanism for generating this info so that timed SQL data generation is not required any more [449]
Equipment Book – introduce mechanism for merging two equipment types [454]

HireTrack NX version released on 29 October 2013
Email support of SASL doesn’t support encryption [416]

HireTrack NX version released on 17 October 2013
Reportings – reports that need to display multiple currencies have been re-worked and need to be replaced. [383]
Crew Book – user feedback added to let user why PO cannot be selected if Pay isn’t greater than Purchased to date [387]
Config Book, User Groups now have “Allocate Crew Pay” and “View Crew Pay” options [392]
Emailing – last selected template saved for each Windows user [405]
NoteBook – Comic Sans MS font has been replaced with the standard font used throughout rest of application. [412]

HireTrack NX version released on 4 October 2013
Invoices and Purchases Orders – creation code now makes it possible to generate these documents outside the scope of JobBook [373]

HireTrack NX version released on 1 October 2013
NoteBook – Notes opened with an empty title should have “Enter Title for Note” assigned (but not saved) and highlighted [268]
Enhancement to Allow users to set their SMTP credentials [322]
Late Returns Page – add in functionality to open Equipment List from grid double-click [357]
Logistics – Operations Form, Process All. Break down ops to process into batches of 100 to avoid timeouts and give feedback [358]
Late Returns – should only clear on Check In, otherwise its hard to manage them from the Activities page [362]
Late Returns Page – add column to indicate whether lateness due to not returned or not checked in. [363]

HireTrack NX version released on 24 September 2013
Equipment List – default minimum height set so as to significantly reduce the likelihood of a “form level” vertical scrollbar. [343]
Config Book – Sites & Warehouses. Needs input area to specify transfer times between sites [348]
Logistics – Operations Form, Process All. Any problems that are encountered will end up with a data rollback that cleans up. [349]

HireTrack NX version released on 12 September 2013
Consumables and Loans. Consumables should not be loaned between warehouses as it will break stocklevels logic. [263]
Equipment List – assigning loans only allowed if status is confirmed [323]
Component Barcodes – make it possible to see what master barcode they belong to in Inventory Book [333]

HireTrack NX version released on 9 September 2013
Returns Note – Prompt for consumables when doing Process All [261]

HireTrack NX version released on 4 September 2013
Warehouse Ops Note – improve grid response to edits and scans so that grid position is maintained. [309]
Printing from Logistics & Warehouse Book. Support added for reports that need the selected Job, Eqlist or Warehouse Op value. [306]
Eqlist – Deleting lines no longer results in the user losing their place in the grid. [308]
Changing Barcode’s type – There needs to be a mechanism where the type assigned to a barcode can be changed [258]
Warehouse Ops Note – filter tabs replace grouping to make it clear what needs to be done and what is on the current note [316]
Warehouse Ops Note – Process All button now responds to active filters and is only enabled when on “Outstanding” filter tab [317]
Warehouse Returns Note – Process All button warning if consumables detected and has option not to return them [318]

HireTrack NX version released on 21 August 2013
Email Setup – “Test Email” button added to Rules page in Config Book [264]

HireTrack NX version released on 12 August 2013
Eq Book – composite barcodes grid: Allocated Barcodes column now displays drop down button to make it functionality more obvious [227]
Eq Book – Alias and Composite grids: mouse wheel scroll is disabled for sub-type column to prevent accident change of definition [228]
“Prep Local Remaining” menu no longer disabled if no items left to prep [229]
Logistics – When scanning a barcode onto an Ops Note the record indicator will move to the row for the last type scanned [231]

HireTrack NX version released on 4 August 2013
Autoupdate code finished implimenting [220]
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